Aluminum Litho Recyclers

Aluminum Litho Recyclers

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Aluminum Litho Recyclers : Lithography is the process of printing from a flat sheet from which ink is repelled, except for areas where it is meant to be transferred to the printed surface, such as paper. That flat surface now is usually in the form of thin aluminum plates. In most cases, these plates are not reusable over time, and it is common for some commercial print shops to go through more than 100 hundred plates each day. Due to these factors plus the ease of recycling aluminum, recycling of aluminum lithographic plates is common.

America Green Recycling has been a leading recycler of Aluminum Litho Plate for the past 30 years. Aluminum Litho Recyclers help keep America Green by recycling tons of Aluminum Litho Plate each year keeping them in circulation and out of the landfills around the country. If you are a printer or newspaper operation America Green Recycling can not only pick up your used plates, but give you the best quote and prompt payment for you materials. America Green can put some green in your pockets and protect the environment at the same time.

America Green has developed a great, easy way for printers and newspaper to generate income from used Aluminum Litho Plates. Litho printing also uses Litho film that is also a source of revenue for printers and newspapers. America Green Recycling will offer top money for Litho Film and prompt payment based on daily market prices.

Call America Green today to find out how to generate income and help the environment by recycling your Aluminum Litho Plates and Litho Film.

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