X-Ray Recycling for the New Year

By December 15, 2014 Recycling, Xray Film No Comments

All over the United States Doctors and Dentists will be  recycling X-Rays that are in some cases decades old. The beginning of the year allows the X-Rays that have been sitting in storage for many years to be released and recycled.

X-Ray recycling not only keeps landfills clean, but allows Doctors to purge their often prodigious amounts of X-Rays and make extra income at the same time. America Green Recycling has been helping Doctors, Dentist and even Veterinarians to properly dispose of and make extra “green” for themselves.

If you are purging your old X-Rays please call America Green Recycling today for a quote and schedule a pick up.  The best quotes and prompt payment are America Green Recycling’s trademark.


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